Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

Just about any parent can tell you about an experience with diaper rash. It is very common and often causes great discomfort for both baby and parents. There are many ointments, creams and lotions on the market aimed at healing and preventing diaper rash. For some, simple home remedies work the best and have fewer unknown ingredients to worry about. Here are some home remedies that can help in easing sore bottoms and worried parents.

Giving your baby a warm water bath is the first step in easing their discomfort. Adding some oatmeal to the water is a great tip. Just pour a cupful into the running water and let your baby bathe as usual.

Next dry the bottom very carefully; a harsh towel will just cause more pain and irritation. A blow-dryer on the lowest/cool setting works wonders. Keep the dryer moving constantly until the area is completely dry.

Giving the bottom some air is the next step. Let your baby lay without his/her diaper on, preferably on a towel on your chest, or for older infants let them sit on a waterproof play mat. A good 30 minutes of this each day goes far in helping the rash clear.

Next, use one of these tried and tested home remedies:

Ingredients: Oliver Oil & Water
Instructions: Whisk a tablespoon of olive oil with 5 drops of water until it forms a smooth creamy texture. Apply to affected area.

Ingredients: Corn Starch, Desitin & Vasaline
Instructions: Sprinkle babies bottom with the corn starch, just a light sprinkle to cover the area. Next cover with the Desitin and lastly layer with the Vasaline.

Ingredients: Milk of Magnesia
Instructions: Pour the milk of magnesia all over the affected area, and repeat until rash has gone.

Ingredients: Cod Liver Oil Capsules
Instructions: Open the capsules and pour the oil over the affected area.

Ingredients: Flour & Frying Pan
Instructions: Put enough flour into the frying pan for a couple of
applications. Then on medium heat, keep stirring the flour until it turns a light golden brown. Apply a light dusting at each diaper change.

Avoid using commercial baby-wipes & soap. These both contain harsh amounts of alcohol which will irritate the skin even more. Change the diaper often and follow the above steps for a happy, healthy rash-free baby!

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