Help! Nothing is helping with this all day morning sickness!

We live in a society that when we feel sick there is almost always a solution. A pill, shot, or some other type of medicine is always there to make us feel better. But, when it comes to morning sickness there is no cure other than waiting it out. Unfortunately, this is not good news to pregnant moms who have the all day morning sickness that nothing seems to help with. Most of these women will find relief after the first trimester although some women will have morning sickness throughout their pregnancies. The following tips may work to help relieve some of your morning symptoms or at least reduce the intensity. If not, keep trying other doctor approved remedies in hopes of finding some relief!

Tip #1 Get Some Sleep
Women who dont get enough rest find their morning sickness symptoms are often exacerbated. That is because lack of sleep increases your nausea and makes you feel sicker. So, make sure you get to bed early every night no matter what and sleep late if you can. Make time during the day for a nap, even if it is on your lunch break, and just try to be as relaxed as possible.

Tip #2 Ginger Ale
Ginger has natural properties to ease nausea and morning sickness and many women find that slowly sipping on cold ginger ale helps resolve their morning sickness. Of course, some women will not find that ginger ale helps them, although it does help a lot of women.

Tip #3 Watch Those Smells
You have probably already found out that your sense of smell is stronger than ever before. Because of that it is especially important to avoid smells of those foods that particularly turn you off right now. If you cant imagine eating canned tuna then do everything you can to avoid smelling it because it will more than likely start a vomiting spell.

Tip #4 Eat in Bed
Many women have found they can get out of the bed much easier if they move slowly and always eat something beforehand. Keep some crackers by your bed and eat that slowly before moving first thing in the morning. If the ginger ale helps then drink a bit of that as well. Just try to eat a little something and move slowly. Having a little something on your stomach will help your morning sickness.

If you have tried all these tips and still find no relief or your morning sickness is so severe that you cant keep anything down then you should talk to your doctor immediately.

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