Green Tea and Cervical Mucus

If youve been doing much reading about how to get pregnant and the importance of cervical mucus you have do doubt happened upon articles and books that list a bunch of different items that you can eat. Of these items green tea was probably mentioned as a reliable remedy to either increase cervical mucus or increase the quality, or both. This is a common home remedy among women who are trying to conceive, but does it work?

There are countless women that will swear by green tea helping them produce more and better cervical mucus, but truthfully there is no scientific data to support their claims. Of course, this does not mean that it does not work at least in a small percent of the population. If you feel as though you may need a little bit of help in the cervical mucus department it surely wont hurt to try adding some green tea to your diet.

If you do attempt the green tea natural remedy you should be sure that you only go for the decaffeinated types, as caffeine will actually zap your system of the fluids and moisture it needs to produce an adequate amount of cervical mucus. Also, be sure that it is not too sweet as many women have struggles with yeast infections that are generally made worse and more common when sweet foods and drinks are consumed. Also, with sugar comes calories, so be careful.

Even if green tea is not directly responsible for your increase cervical mucus it may be a good idea to get in the habit of drinking it. Not only does it come in a calorie free form, it will also add to the fluids that you need to consume every day. Many women do not produce much in the way of cervical fluid because they do not get enough water and fluids each day. Your green tea will help hydrate your body so that it is better prepared to produce the cervical fluid your body needs to more easily get pregnant.

There are many studies that are ongoing about green tea, not only in its relation to cervical mucus but in its relation to weight loss and overall benefits to the body. There are many doctors and individuals that swear that green tea has changed their life for the better, so why not try it out? If you happen to like green tea its even better because you can drink something that you enjoy that may be great for your body. At the very least you will be hydrating your body and providing it with nutrients that have been proven to be great for you.

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