Gift Ideas For Older Children When A New Sibling Is Born

The birth of a new sibling can be a very joyful time for a family. It can also be a very stressful time, even for the other siblings in a family that really don’t have to participate much at all in the birth process. In addition, sometimes even before a new sibling is born, older children can start to feel as though they are less important than they were before. They listen to adults talk about how exciting it is to have the “new” baby, and they talk less and less about the other children. There is even a baby shower to give gifts for the baby that hasn’t been born yet! Because of this, it can often be helpful to make a gift for the older children a part of the new sibling being born.

There are a variety of gift ideas for older children when a new sibling is born. You might consider giving the older child a baby doll to care for. Your older child can care for her baby in the same way that you will be caring for your new baby. You might consider a t-shirt or a ribbon that says, “I’m a big brother” or “I’m a big sister” to make them feel special. You can even purchase a certificate announcing that they are a new brother or sister, or you can print one on the computer.

There are other, less tangible but equally exciting gifts ideas for older children when a new sibling is born, as well. You can give a special day with mom or dad, which is something a child will often cherish forever. In fact, it is something that can be extra meaningful after the new sibling is born, as mom and dad may seem much busier after that. You could also throw a “big brother” or “big sister” party, where your older child could invite their friends, and have a celebration.

Giving a gift to your older children when a new sibling is born can help smooth the transition that your family is about to make.

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