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You’ve probably heard it lots of times: Don’t worry about when you get pregnant; the trying is the best part anyway. While there may some truth to that, at least on some level, if you’ve been trying for more than a year to have a baby and it hasn’t happened, you may want to consider seeking some help.

Often, conceiving is as simple as figuring out your ovulation cycles. You can do this without going to a fertility clinic or consulting a doctor. You just need to educate yourself a little bit about how your reproductive system works.

For most women, the absolute best chance of becoming pregnant occurs on or around the 14th day before the start of your next period. Of course, calculating based on something that hasn’t happened yet can be a bit tricky. If you have a very regular cycle, you will have an easier time figuring out the optimum time to conceive.

If you have irregular cycles, however, it can be a bear trying to time things. Fortunately, there are tools out there which can help you. Many of them are available at pharmacies without a prescription. Ovulation kits test your urine for hormone levels which indicate that ovulation is getting ready to take place. When you get a positive result, you will know that the next three days or so offer you your most likely time to become pregnant.

You should start using an ovulation kit about 10 days after the end of your period and you should test twice daily, once in the late morning and once in the early evening. Testing twice per day helps ensure that you don’t miss the surge of hormones which precedes your ovulation period.

If you have been using an ovulation test kit and still have not been able to get pregnant after several months, consult your doctor. She will likely have other suggestions, which might include referral to a fertility clinic.

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant without success, hang in there. Between your continuing efforts (and that really is the fun part) and the advances in reproductive medicine and technology, your chances of eventually having a baby are very good.

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