Games & Activities For Active Toddlers

Keeping an active toddler busy can be a challenge for any parent or caregiver. Most toddlers tend to have more energy than most adults, so it is helpful to have on hand or in mind a few games and activities for those active toddlers.

One of the activities most enjoyed by active toddlers can be dancing. By playing some music with a strong beat, your active toddler can work off some of that excess energy. Try to find songs that are designed with children in mind, such as “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” or “Tony Chestnut.” Some toddlers might even like pretending to be a ballerina or might enjoy acting out a “disco” dance from Saturday Night Fever.

Balloons are an excellent toy for active toddlers, as well. They can punch them, kick them, push them, and throw them all around the house, with little risk of knocking anything over. Be sure that you are blowing up the balloon for your toddler, and that your toddler knows not to put the balloon into her mouth. Balls can be fun, as well, but larger balls that are bouncy are probably better to use outside than they are inside. Playing with balls and balloons can also help to improve your toddler’s muscle strength and her coordination.

Hide-and-Seek or Tag are games that toddlers will love, as well. For the active toddler, seeking will probably be a lot more fun than hiding, as it can be difficult to sit still long enough to be found.

You can even incorporate games and activities for your active toddler into your daily activities. For example, after unloading a batch of socks from the dryer, you can separate the pairs of socks into two separate baskets. Put the baskets on to different sides of the room. Have your active toddler pull a sock out of one basket and race to the other basket as fast as he can to find the matching sock. Your toddler might also enjoy sweeping with the broom. While the floor won’t be entirely clean when he is done, he may very well enjoy the process. Be sure to praise him for the great job he did.

With just a little bit of time and effort, you will find that you can come up with your own ideas for games and activities for your active toddler.

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