Frustrations With Potty Training

Many parents have frustrations with potty training and this is completely normal. Fortunately, many of the frustrations associated with potty training can be avoided simply by allowing your child control over the potty training process. This may seem like a difficult thing to do because as parents you are naturally in charge of everything your child does. But, for the potty training process many frustrations on your part and the part of your toddler will be avoided by allowing your child to potty train in his own time.

What this means is that you dont start the potty training process. Of course, if your child is two or three and has not shown any interest in using the potty like his mommy and daddy then you can sort of make the subject more available. The way to do this is to buy a potty with your child so that he knows it is just for him. Let him know the potty is just his and will be waiting for him until he is ready to use it. Also, buy some big boy or big girl underwear with fun characters on them that your child knows are for him to wear when he is using the potty. You can do this little things to spark interest, but dont actually try and start potty training until your child is mentally and physically ready.

The signs that your child is ready to begin potty training is when he/she can stay dry for several hours at a time, tells you when he/she needs to go potty, shows interest in mommy and daddy using the potty, and can physically handle the potty training. When you see your child is showing interest in the potty you can have a run through. Consider potty training a few of your daughters dolls or your sons Power Rangers. This will show your child how the potty process works and that it is easy. Be careful not to exert any pressure and be very open about any questions your child may have.

Also keep in mind that most toddlers dont potty train in one day. It takes some several days, weeks, or even months to get the hang of it and even then accidents will still occur. Try and keep a clear head when accidents occur and dont make your child feel bad about the accident. You may consider saying to your toddler that pee or poop belongs in his potty, but nothing more than that. Just a simple reminder is enough to get your toddler back on track.

The best thing to do during the potty training process is to be patient, keep an open mind, and support your child through the process. It will be over one day and you will have a fully potty trained child, so just think of the days ahead!

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