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First Trimester Weight Gain

When you read that pregnancy test and find out you are really, really going to have a baby what do you think? Oh, yeah I can eat for two! Or, I have to find a well balanced diet to help me stay in shape and healthy while pregnant? Your response to your pregnancy will likely decide how much weight you gain, or dont gain, while pregnant.

A weight gain of 25 to 30 pounds is completely normal and recommended for the average pregnant woman. Those who become pregnant who are very thin or very obese will have different weight gain recommendations, but the average is 25-30 pounds.

Gaining more than the recommended amount is easy to do especially if you thought about the joys of eating for two once you realized you were pregnant. The thing is, though, that you dont need to eat for two. Instead, you need to eat for one and simply add an extra 300-500 calories per day. That might be half a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk. that is certainly not a pint of ice cream or a bag of cookies. Women who take this approach will see their first trimester weight gain creep up above the recommend two to three pounds for this trimester. Some women gain 10-15 pounds in their first trimester and only gain more for the rest of the pregnancy.

On the other hand, women who looked at their pregnancy test and were immediately concerned for their weight and health during pregnancy will more than likely fair better. Some of these women might not gain enough weight and that is not healthy either. But the ones who focus on the recommended weight gain and who do their best to eat healthy and exercise lightly will have a slow first trimester weight gain of anywhere from one to five pounds.

The first trimester is not the time when the baby is putting on much weight although that is when most of the preparatory work for the babys development is taking place. As a result not much weight is needed to support the new life. But, as the weeks go by the baby will grow larger and the body will store more food as fat. Eating healthy will ensure you stay healthy and gain less weight. Eating for two with dessert for two will mean a higher pregnancy weight gain, possible health problems for mom and baby, and a much more difficult postpartum period trying to drop those pounds.

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