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First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

The common pregnancy symptoms are well known and if you asked anybody what the most common symptom is they would probably say morning sickness. However, there are many other symptoms of pregnancy during the first trimester that are just as common as morning sickness if not more so. Read on to find out more!

The first symptom of pregnancy that most women experience is a missed period. This is generally a good sign that the woman is pregnant. By the time a woman has missed her period she should be able to confirm her pregnancy with an at home pregnancy test. If the test is positive then the woman is pregnant. If the test is negative the woman may not be pregnant or may be pregnant but not enough so for the level of hCG to be high enough to render the test positive.

Another symptom of pregnancy in the first trimester is extreme exhaustion. Many women find they need to go to sleep earlier and wake up later as well as take a nap during the day just to make it. As your body is working hard growing another body inside you a lot of energy is used and you end up being exhausted. This usually passes by the second trimester.

Food cravings also represent the first trimester. Women may want all kinds of foods or food combinations, even foods they didnt like before. Not all women have food cravings but many women do.

Extremely tender breasts are yet another common pregnancy symptom most women experience. The nipples become super sensitive, the breasts ache, and may even feel tingly. Wearing clothing can even be somewhat uncomfortable or painful.

Increased urination is also a symptom many women find in the first trimester. It usually disappears in the second trimester only to reappear in the third.

Different women experience different pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester. Some women experience almost all of these symptoms while other women will experience none. Also, the severity of the symptoms varies woman to woman and even pregnancy to pregnancy. Knowing the symptoms of pregnancy early on will help you get through the tough days ahead.

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