Finding Your Birth Parents after Adoption

Finding your birth parents after adoption can be a rather difficult task. Depending on whether the adoption was a closed adoption, which most adoptions in the twentieth century were, or whether the adoption was an open or a semi-open adoption, you may have a harder or an easier time of finding your birth parents after adoption.

When you set to thinking about finding your birth parents after adoption, you first need to figure out why you want to find your birth parents. If you are looking for some identity of your own, forget it. You cannot count on gaining anything from your birth parents in that area, although sometimes you might get lucky. If you are looking for medical information, or perhaps to answer general curiosities, then you may also be on the right track.

The next thing to do when trying to find your birth parents after adoption is to find the name of your birth parents. To do so, you will want to gather all of your personal information, including what you do know about where you were born, and what the name of the agency was that handled your adoption. You will also want to talk to your adoptive parents, to get as much information from them as possible. You can also ask them to request official documents, such as your amended certificate of birth, the original adoption petition and the adoption decree.

The agency that performed your adoption can then provide you the non-identifying information that they have. It won’t tell you who they are, but it will hopefully give you clues. It might include medical information, their basic physical description (such as eye color and hair color) their ethnicity, education completed, religion, and even professional achievements. In some cases, it might even include age and gender of other children, as well as hobbies and reasons for the adoption.

Once you have done these basic things, the real work begins. Take this information to the Internet. Register in what are known as “Mutual Consent” registries. Find out from others how they have found their birth parents after adoption. While you are not guaranteed to succeed, hopefully your hard work will pay off.

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