Excessive Exercise & Miscarriage

Regular exercise during pregnancy is a health and important part of making sure that your pregnancy will be a successful and happy pregnancy. However, there may be risks associated with certain types of exercises, as well as with excessive exercises.

There have not been any studies that link an excessive amount of exercise during pregnancy directly to miscarriage. However, excessive exercise can cause a variety of problems that can affect pregnancy, including dehydration, strained muscles, and a severely elevated heart rate. Certain types of exercise, such as exercise that may cause bouncing, jarring, leaping, risks of sudden abdominal injury, or sudden directional changes should be avoided. These types of exercise, while they have not conclusively been linked with miscarriage directly, can certainly create stress on your growing baby and on your body during this critical time.

The benefits of regular moderate exercise during pregnancy can include:

– an increased sense of self control

– a relief of backache

– reduction of constipation

– better sleep

– stress relief

– a body that is more prepared for birth

– a body that is more prepared for postpartum weight loss.

Certain types of exercises that are particularly good for pregnant women. Walking and swimming are some of the best all-around exercises, and the pregnant woman is no exception. Walking and swimming both work the major muscle groups, work to strengthen your heart, and carry very little risk of injury to you or to your unborn baby.

Yoga is another beneficial form of exercise during pregnancy. Not only does it help you stay fit, it helps improve your energy level and allows you to become more in tune or intimate with your body. Yoga can help with the aches and pains of pregnancy and with mental issues such as moodiness. In turn, yoga can help you have a smooth pregnancy and natural childbirth.

Some pregnant women have had success with Pilates, jogging, dancing, water aerobics, biking and even weight training. Of course, you should check with your physician before starting or continuing any exercise regimen while pregnant. You should also make sure that you keep in tune with your body while exercising. Recognize the signs of fatigue. Avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated. You should also try to include some relaxation and stretching both before and after your exercise program.

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