Essential School Supplies for First Grade

The school supplies that your child will need when she enters first grade can vary a bit from one school to the next, or even from one teacher to the next in the same school. Still, there are some school supplies that are essential, no matter what school your child goes to or what teacher your child has.

First, your child is going to be a backpack. You’ll want to make sure that the backpack is sturdy. You want it to be water-resistant. You also need to make sure that it is easy enough for your first-grader to open. Of course, your first-grader will probably want to have some say in what backpack she gets, too. Keep in mind, however, that a backpack with a particular cartoon character may not be what your child will want to use next year, so be prepared to replace the backpack for second grade if you go that route. A better option might be a backpack with your child’s favorite color, as that is less likely to change.

You will also need a variety of writing and art supplies. You will need pencils, paper, scissors, crayons, and glue at home. You will probably need to send some or all of these things to school, as well, depending on what your child’s teacher asks for. Many schools also utilize folders with pockets in them for teachers to send homework or notes home in, as well. You will probably be asked to provide a pencil box or a crayon box. You should probably get a larger eraser.

Many teachers will ask for a variety of classroom supplies, as well. It is not uncommon for parents to be asked to bring in things like hand sanitizer, napkins, tissues, and paper towels. Manila folders or envelopes might be asked for, as well.

Certainly, there are other sorts of school supplies that your child may be able to use in first grade. The things above should get you a good start, and should provide the bare essentials for the school year.

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