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Economical Vacation Ideas

Everyone deserves a break and a vacation is just the way to sit back and relax. Enjoying your family, some free time, and activities that are fun for everyone is great fun and the way memories are made. Unfortunately, they aren’t cheap memories most of the time! Luckily, those who are on a budget can actually find ways to travel and enjoy some time away from it all without breaking their budget. There are a couple options below based on different views of “affordable.”

Nearby Attractions

If you are on a serious budget but would like to do something fun with the whole family then you should think about visiting a nearby attraction. If it is close enough you can leave early and drive, spend the day and then return home. This will eliminate the need for a hotel, which can be quite expensive. If you still need to shave the price a little then consider packing your lunch and snacks. This is another way to save a lot of money and still have plenty of food to eat and enjoy. Remember, too, that most attractions whether theme parks, resorts, or the like, have discounts and coupons. You just need to search for them. With a little bit of planning and creativity you can take a fun vacation with the whole family, even during a recession!


In general, cruises are quite affordable vacations because everything is included. If you live near a coastal city with cruise departures then you can likely find an affordable vacation that is within your budget. Of course, affordable cruises are usually the most basic accommodations. Nevertheless, a cruise is a cruise and it will be a lot of fun.

Off Season Trips

Off season trips can be quite affordable, too, and you may be able to afford a better hotel room or more elaborate restaurants on the savings. Consider visiting the mountains during the spring and the beach during the fall or winter. Traveling during the off season can be as much as half the cost!

These suggestions will help you take a vacation despite a down economy and you can do so on a budget. Just because the economy is suffering doesn’t mean you need to, too! Make a budget and pick a vacation that you can afford. Start saving and still enjoy your time off !

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