Does Spotting During Pregnancy Mean a Miscarriage is Imminent?

When a women finds out she is pregnant she immediately begins worrying about the fetus she is carrying. As a result, when there is any bleeding or spotting it is enough to scare mom-to-bes into thinking they are experiencing a miscarriage. Luckily, spotting during pregnancy does not always mean a miscarriage is about to happen. Of course, it can be a sign of a serious problem so it is always important to call your doctor or make a visit to your local emergency room just to make sure all is well. Many times something minor will be causing the spotting and all will be well with mom and baby. However, there are serious problems that could be causing the spotting.

Keep in mind that spotting is different than bleeding. Spotting is a light amount of blood that is comparable to the beginning of your period. It might be a pink or red color or a dark brown color. Note what the blood looks like and how much there is so you can really this information to your doctor.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to determine the cause of spotting or bleeding in early pregnancy. In fact, since the blood supply to the cervix has increased significantly it’s possible for bleeding to occur after sex, a Pap smear, or other exam. Of course, there are other potential causes of prenatal spotting or bleeding. These include implantation bleeding, which usually occurs when the fertilized egg attaches implants into the uterus wall. When this happens you would have no idea that you were pregnant so you probably would assume it to be the beginning of your period.

Of course, spotting or bleeding could mean a miscarriage is imminent. It could also signal an ectopic pregnancy. If there is any cramping that accompanies the spotting or bleeding it is important to see a doctor immediately.

Keep in mind that approximately 25% of pregnant women experience bleeding or spotting in the early weeks of pregnancy. Of these women, about half of them will have a miscarriage. This may sound disheartening, but if you have had an ultrasound and seen a normal heartbeat between seven and 11 weeks then the odds that the pregnancy will continue successfully are close to 90%!

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