Does My Child Have To Be Potty-Trained Before Starting Pre-School?

Many pre-schools across the nation require children to be potty trained before starting. The reason why is that it takes a long time to diaper children, especially if you have 40 or 50, not to mention the space required is rarely something pre-schools have. Of course, there are some pre-schools that do not have this rule although it is the exception to the rule.

Even if your child is almost potty trained he will likely be accepted by pre-school. Children have accidents sometimes and pre-schools are aware of this. Even the most potty trained child can have an accident so pre-schools are not exceptionally rigid with this policy. But, you must keep in mind, some of them do require your child be more or less potty trained before beginning pre-school. If your child is due to start pre-school in the next year, or a few months, but is not yet potty trained you may be panicking. However potty training your child under pressure and on a deadline rarely has positive results. Of course, there are other reasons you may want to have your child potty-trained before starting preschool.

Classmates Can Pressure
Those children who attend pre-school who are not potty trained will more than likely be picked on by the potty trained set. This is natural, although pretty mean, and should be expected. However, if your child attends school in pull-ups and is made fun of dont be surprised if your child arrives home asking for big girl panties or big boy underwear. You may be excited that the potty training days have arrived, but keep in mind that your child may still not be ready and is only responding to being picked on. This could result in an awful lot of accidents that cause stress for the parents, child, and pre-school staff.

Empower Your Child
You should allow your child control over the potty training process. This probably makes you very nervous not to mention apprehensive about the idea of how many accidents you will be cleaning up, but it truly is the best way to be successful. If your child wants to wear big boy underwear then let him, just make sure that when an accident occurs you are supportive and make references that big boy underwear means using the potty. Never be negative with your child about accidents because this can impact your child negatively and result in a longer potty training process not to mention more accidents.

Final Thoughts
If your child is not potty trained and the days until pre-school are counting down then you need to make a decision. Either find a pre-school that accepts non potty trained children or hold off on sending your child until they potty train on their own. You want to ensure that your child is the one who starts the process or else it will likely fail. Keep this in mind and dont allow the deadline of pre-school to hang over your head and make you feel like your child should be potty trained by that date. All kids potty train at different ages, some faster and some slower, so keep that in mind and just be patient.

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