Does Age Play a Role In Whether You Can Adopt?

Age does play a role in whether you can adopt. How big of a role age plays depends on a variety of factors, including the type of adoption that you are trying to get, the particular agency that you may be working with, the laws of the country you are adopting from, or the wishes of the birth mother.

Age can play a big role in the type of adoption that you are trying to do. If, for example, you are trying to adopt an infant, there may be a cutoff in the age that you will be able to adopt. In addition, when trying to adopt an infant, the birth mother today generally has quite a bit of say about where her baby will be placed and, while she won’t have identifying information about prospective adoptive parents, she will have information like age. If, on the other hand, you are willing to or trying to adopt a special needs child, or a child that is hard to place, you may be able to adopt as young as twenty five years old, or as old as sixty years old. When the need is greater, the restrictions are often lower.

Some adoption agencies in the United States may have their own policies about the age of prospective parents that they will accept. Many have a restriction to the age of 45 or even less. These restrictions are for a variety of reasons, but in many cases are just based on the fact that the agency doesn’t believe that a birth mother will agree to adopt her baby out to an older person or an older couple.

If you are seeking an international adoption, age can play a role in whether you can adopt, as well. Some countries have specific restrictions on the age of the adoptive parents. Some countries have a cutoff of age 45 or even younger. Many countries, such as some of the countries in Latin America, may have much less strict policies, and may accept adoptive parents that are into their mid fifties. Typically, if a country has a less restrictive policy like this, it is probably because there is a great need for adoptive parents in those countries. Another possible factor in how age plays a role in whether you can adopt is that different cultures view age differently, in terms of esteem.

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