Do Parents Homeschool Their Children To Keep Them Sheltered?

Each year more and more parents across the nation and worldwide choose to homeschool their children. Some critics believe that parents choose to homeschool their kids in order to keep them sheltered. However, very few parents respond that this is their motivating reason for homeschooling.

One of the biggest reasons parents choose to homeschool is because of religion. Many parents want their children to be educated with Christian values (or Muslim, Jewish, etc.) and that is not the way education is projected in public schools. As a result parents choose to homeschool their kids in order to raise them with a belief in Christianity and morals.

Other parents are motivated by the social climate in traditional schools. Most of these schools have many students who are bad influences and bullies. Parents dont want their children to get mixed up with the wrong crowd or be affected by students who drink, smoke, do drugs, or engage in immoral activities. So, these parents homeschool their children where they know they are safe and sound, have control over what they are exposed to, and can place them in social situations that are age appropriate and in no way negative.

Some parents are motivated to homeschool their children in order to avoid violence. Not all traditional schools across the nation are unsafe, but the many events of school violence that has taken place across the nation really makes parents think. They wonder if their child is safe and if they are doing enough to protect them. Many times parents prefer to homeschool then send their child to a potentially unsafe school.

In general, parents are not trying to shelter their children by homeschooling them. They are, however, trying to raise their child in a world where there are more negative influences than positive ones. So, parents homeschool and try to provide their children with mostly positive experiences, good social interaction, in a safe environment.

Parents dont choose to homeschool in order to keep their children from having a life of their own. Instead, they choose to homeschool in order to give their child the best education and life possible. Homeschooling isnt for everyone, but many families are finding that it is a wonderful way to teach their kids and grow as a family.

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