Do I Need To Have A Teaching Degree To Homeschool?

Homeschooling your child requires a lot of patience, research, and dedication; however it does not require a teaching degree. At least not in most states. There are some states that do require homeschool teachers to have a teaching degree, but not very many. The result is that just about any parent can homeschool their child if they are willing to do so. There are some tips to help you become a good homeschooling parent regardless of whether you have a teaching degree or not.

Tip #1 Be Prepared
When teaching your children from home you need to be unbelievably prepared. It really helps to prepare yourself several months in advance of the beginning of the school year so you have a plan and can follow it making necessary changes as you go along. Not having to plan the next day every night will really make homeschooling easier and a lot less stressful for you. Focus on preparing during a school break so you are not overwhelmed. Also, remember to over prepare. Some days you will meet your expectations and other days you will surpass them, so having something extra to do is important.

Tip #2 Know Your Limits
If you do not have a teaching degree, and even if you do, you are probably not going to be the best teacher of every single subject. Educated teachers arent either and that is why they focus on a particular subject or a couple of subjects. When your child is young you can probably handle all of the different subjects with no problem. But as your child ages you will see quickly that the subjects become more difficult and soon you will feel overwhelmed with certain subjects. In this situation it is important to realize your limitations. If when your child is in 6th grade you notice the math is getting too difficult for you to teach and explain then you need to start making plans for a math tutor to supplement your teaching and maybe to even teach math the following year.

Being a truly effective homeschooler means you know your limitations and that you farm out the subjects you cant teach to tutors who can. Your child will learn better and it will not stress you out so much wondering if you are teaching your child what he needs to learn.

Tip #3 Continuing Education
A great way to improve your teaching abilities is to take continuing education classes. There are all types of classes offered at local community colleges and universities as well as online. You can check out the different classes that are available, sign up, and start learning yourself!

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