Do I Need To Brush My Infants Teeth?

Infants generally have their first tooth by eight months of age, although some children teethe earlier and other children later. It just depends on the child. However, as soon as your child has a tooth or teeth they need to be brushed. Some parents think that brushing an infants tooth or teeth is silly; however it is not in the least. It is important to begin taking care of your childs teeth as soon as he has any. This does two different things. It promotes good dental hygiene and although these are only baby teeth it will reduce your childs risk of having cavities. Both of these are very important to you and your child so make sure you brush your infants teeth.

Remember that your child will probably not enjoy having his teeth brushed. He may even cry, scream, and throw a complete tantrum. The best thing to do is to continue brushing your childs teeth and simply ignore the bad behavior. Your child must learn that no matter what he does he will have to have his teeth brushed so he eventually will give up. If you allow your child to get away with not having his teeth brushed because he yelled, screamed, vomited, cried, and the like then you are telling him that through those actions he will receive what he wants. Dont allow this to happen because it will only make it more difficult on your child.

As long as you are firm and enforce that your child has his teeth brushed he will eventually give in and simply accept the fact. If you allow him to get away with not having his teeth brushed then it will be a battle forever. You are much better off to simply deal with the misbehavior for a brief time and then have your child accept that his teeth must be brushed than to continue the battle forever. Be strong and eventually your child will understand he must have his teeth brushed and he might as well sit back, relax, and try to enjoy it.

This will also make it much easier for your child when he visits the dentist as well as when he goes to the doctor and must have something stuck in his mouth. So, there are a lot of benefits to brushing your childs teeth. Start out gently with mild toothpaste, a soft infant toothbrush, and just stay strong until your child accepts he must have his teeth cleaned!

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