Do I Need A Lawyer To Get Child Custody?

Technically speaking, you don’t have to have a lawyer to do much of anything in a court. Having said that, the fact remains that you will very often have only a small chance of success at anything in court without having a lawyer. In the area of getting child custody, a lawyer is really among the very first things that you will need if you are going to have any success whatsoever with getting child custody.

You need a lawyer to get child custody, first, because a lawyer will have very specific training on the laws of your state that deal with child custody. In addition, a lawyer will be familiar with the guidelines that judges use, whether those guidelines are mandated by the state or whether they are just common practice, to determine who is going to get child custody. While it is important for you to have an understanding of the statues, regulations, and rules in your area that deal with child custody, a lawyer has had specific training in that area, and has likely had experience using those statutes, regulations and rules to help his client to get child custody.

When choosing a lawyer to help you get child custody, you should make certain that the lawyer has, indeed, had recent real-world experience arguing child custody cases. The lawyer will need to know what the challenges are that you are going to face in making your case for child custody to the court, and having been in court arguing a child custody case previously will give your lawyer an advantage. You will often need every advantage that you can get in order to get child custody.

To help you to get child custody, you will need to make sure your lawyer has all of the information. You will need to disclose any weaknesses in your argument for child custody. Keep in mind here that your lawyer is bound by law not to reveal anything you might tell your lawyer in confidence. There is a good chance that your ex-spouse will try to use anything that they can against you in court, and your attorney should know what those things are ahead of time so as to be prepared when it does happen.

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