Do Hotels Have Babysitters?

In short, yes, some hotels do have babysitters. However, because babysitting and child care laws can vary greatly from one place to another, it is important to contact a hotel directly to talk about the babysitting services that it offers.

Some hotels offer a play room or daycare-type environment with various play equipment or other facilities that may be staffed by licensed child care professionals. These types of environments typically operate as an actual daycare, and must follow all of the health, safety and training regulations that any other daycare has to follow.

Other hotels may offer in-room child care. Typically, the hotel staffs a licensed child care provider, and then charges you an hourly rate based on the number of children and the duration of the childcare. The babysitter comes to your hotel room to watch your children while you are out.

If you are staying in a hotel that does not offer any babysitting services, you may still have am variety of childcare options. In many metropolitan areas, there are babysitter services that will travel to your hotel to watch your child or children in your hotel room. Some cities have drop-in daycare facilities that you may be able to leave your child or children with, as well. The hotel concierge may be able to assist you in locating these types of child care.

When using a hotel babysitter, it is important to apply the same requirements that you would for another childcare provider. You should ask the hotel about the babysitter, her credentials, and her licenses, if any. If the babysitting takes place in a playroom, ask about the ratio of staff to children, and find out what sorts of activities they will do. Will they be watching TV all day long, or will they be getting some mental or physical stimulation? Ask also about safety and medical procedures. By taking a few minutes to ask the right questions, you can more readily enjoy your hotel stay, knowing that your children are being properly cared for.

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