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Discomforts of Late Pregnancy


As many moms can attest to, the second trimester of pregnancy seems to be the best in terms of how comfortable the pregnant woman is. Gone are the days of morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms. Yet, those third trimester discomforts have not yet set in either. Unfortunately, those relatively easy days of the second trimester must come to an end with the start of the third trimester. The third trimester is often considered the most uncomfortable of the trimesters of pregnancy, and rightly so. The sheer growth of your baby alone is enough to make the third trimester uncomfortable. This doesn’t even take into account the breast soreness, backache, cramping, and aching feet that plague many women in the third trimester. Fortunately, there are ways to go about easing third trimester discomforts.

One of the best ways to ease third trimester discomforts is with an herbal bath. An herbal bath can provide a woman in her third trimester with the opportunity to just relax. In addition, herbs like chamomile are known to have a relaxing effect, and can help to ease a woman’s mood as well as ease her sore muscles and aching back.

Easing breast discomforts during the third trimester can be done through the use of herbs, as well. An herbal compress, for example, can be very useful in those final days just before your baby is born and your breasts begin to become full. There are a variety of all-natural nipple butters and nipple lotions, as well, that can help if your nipples are sore or cracked during the third trimester.

One way to ease discomfort in your feet during the third trimester is with the use of a foot bath. You might use an herbal foot bath, for example, that would rely on herbs like lavender, thyme, rosemary, peppermint, and yarrow to ease the discomforts in your feet. There are even herbal foot baths that contain essential oils and herbs that act as an antifungal, in case you are experiencing athlete’s foot. In addition to all of this, the herbs in an herbal foot bath may also have an overall relaxing effect on you, as several of the herbs, especially lavender, are also used for relaxation.

The good news is that the third trimester discomforts are followed, immediately, by the arrival of your bundle of joy. And, while it will take some time for your body to snap back after childbirth, it will have been worth enduring those discomforts in the long run.

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