DIM and Menopause

DIM, Di-Indoly Methane, helps women establish an estrogen metabolism that is healthier and stronger. Many times the symptoms experienced during menopause are a result of an imbalance with a woman’s estrogen metabolism. The way DIM can help menopausal women is by adding phytonutrients to one’s diet that will help treat the symptoms.

Cruciferous vegetables have DIM including kale, bok choy, cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, mustard, turnip, rutabaga, and others. DIM is not a hormone or estrogen, but it is similar to estrogen on a molecular level. Since a special metabolism is required for these types of foods women will benefit because the DIM metabolic pathway overlaps with what is needed to maintain an estrogen metabolism that is at a healthy level. A healthy hormonal balance can be achieved by supplementing with DIM.

DIM offers many benefits to both men and women, especially menopausal women. The 2- hydroxyl estrogens are increased and the 16 hydroxy estrogens are reduced. This allows women to overcome their estrogen dominance, which in turn helps with menopausal symptoms. Remember, you need to take DIM in supplement form unless you are prepared to eat more than two pounds per day of cruciferous vegetables to help you get similar results.

If you have not considered DIM before and are experiencing menopausal symptoms then you should consider taking it. Many women find their symptoms are resolved somewhat and that it is definitely worthwhile.

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