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Creating an Infertility Treatment Timetable

One of the things you might want to do when beginning infertility treatments is to map establish a timeline. Thinking about how far you want to go – how many treatment cycles you’re willing to or can afford to undergo, what feels “right” for you and your partner, and what situations you are comfortable to proceed seeking treatment for. You and your partner have to communicate on a comfortable basis regarding your feelings and opinions, because infertility is best approached as a team.

Timelines and paths taken along them depend on your individual circumstances. Others may offer advice and opinions, but only you and your partner can decide the treatment timeline that will work for you. Keep in mind that your timeline is NOT written in stone – it may very well change as you go along your path to achieve your dream(s).

When constructing your timeline, you and your partner should ask yourselves these questions:

  • What are our financial limitations?
  • What support system do we have?
  • Who will we tell? How in depth will we discuss the details?
  • Will we pursue more than one option at the same time?
  • How does the treatment fit into our religious and moral beliefs?
  • What are our feelings about treatment?
  • How can we keep from letting the treatment be the entire focus of our lives?
  • How will we cope with a “failed” cycle if that happens?

To help in your decision, ask your fertility specialist:

  • What is the recommended number of cycles for each treatment option we are considering?
  • What length of time, if any, is there from one treatment cycle to the next?
  • How does my age affect my choices on my timeline?
  • What are my chances of getting pregnant with each option we are considering?
  • How much will it cost to follow this path?

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