Cons of Hormone Replacement Therapy during Menopause

There has been a great deal of hype regarding hormone replacement therapy and the benefits women may reap from taking this type of supplement. However, there are many drawbacks that must also be considered before going ahead with this type of treatment for menopause. The following are some of the cons of hormone replacement therapy that you will want to consider before going ahead with this treatment option.

Con #1 Risk of Endometrial Cancer

One of the drawbacks of hormone replacement therapy is that it increases a woman’s risk of endometrial cancer. This is especially the case with women who still have their uterus. In this case it is important to take progesterone as well as estrogen with the hormone replacement therapy. Women should talk with their doctor regarding any risk factors for endometrial cancer in addition to the benefits they may experience from taking hormone replacement therapy.

Con #2 Increased Blood Clots and Stroke

Another risk factor from taking hormone replacement therapy is the increased risk of blood clots. Women may experience a higher rate of blood clots than other women not taking hormone replacement therapy. If there are other risk factors for blood clots then this should be evaluated and weighed before going ahead with this type of treatment for menopause. There is also an increased risk of stroke in women who take hormone replacement therapy for their menopausal symptoms.

Con #3 Increased Blood Pressure

Women who take hormone replacement therapy for their menopausal symptoms have a higher than normal risk for increased blood pressure. Women with other risk factors for high blood pressure or who already have high blood pressure must carefully review the risks before going ahead.

Con #4 Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

Women who take combination HRT have a higher risks of developing invasive breast cancer.

There are of course benefits to hormone replacement therapy as well including a reduction in menopausal symptoms as well as osteoporosis. Women and their doctors should weigh the benefits and risk factors before determining whether this is the right course of treatment.

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