Conceiving While Having Your Period

For a long time women have been asking if they can get pregnant when they have their period. The answer has gone back and forth, but one clear answer is that there is not a time during your cycle when you are free of the risk of getting pregnant. The reason for this is that there are women who have gotten pregnant at just about every time during their cycle, including their period! Every woman is different and while it is very rare for a woman to get pregnant while menstruating, there is a very slim possibility.

While it is not typical for women to get pregnant during their period, women often have bleeding that they mistake for their period and they become pregnant as a result. Stress and other issues may cause mid-cycle bleeding and if a woman assumes that she is having her period and has unprotected sex she may have sperm that are alive and well for five to seven days after this time. If the woman ovulates or has recently ovulated during or around this time, it may appear as though the woman has gotten pregnant during her period when she really has not. This is where knowing ones body will really come in handy, but sometimes it really can be tricky to determine what is really going on when you are bleeding.

Another typical issue is that some women ovulate before menstrual bleeding has stopped or it happens just as the period is finishing up. Either way, if you have unprotected sex before or just after your period you can end up pregnant by the end of your menstrual cycle! Usually when a woman becomes pregnant during or right around the time of her period it is due to the longevity of sperm. If you have sex around the time that you ovulate you are at risk of becoming pregnant, even if it is during or around the time of your period!

For so long women have been told that it is not possible to get pregnant during their menstrual cycle so they believe that they can freely enjoy unprotected sex and not worry about pregnancy. The fact is that most women do not get pregnant around this time, but there are some women that do not have the typical cycle and they can and will become pregnant if all of the ideal circumstances meet up. Never say never with the human body because there is a wide range of what can be considered normal or probable, and because every body is unique there are women that will become pregnant on the first through the last day of their cycle.

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