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Getting Pregnant

You’ve probably heard it lots of times: Don’t worry about when you get pregnant; the trying is the best part anyway. While there may some truth to that, at least on some level, if you’ve been trying for more than a year to have a baby and it hasn’t happened, you may want to consider […]

When Cervical Mucus Becomes Hostile

One of the most important aspects of your body’s reproductive efforts is the cervical mucus. Good cervical mucus will help you to get pregnant. Sometimes, however, your cervical mucus can be what’s called “hostile” cervical mucus. This type of cervical mucus can get in the way of you becoming pregnant. It’s important to understand a […]

Tracking your Fertility

Tracking your fertility can be a relatively simple process, at least for some women. You don’t usually need to get a doctor involved for the tracking process (although you may obviously wish to consider medical advice if you’re having trouble conceiving). If you know your body and listen to what it tries to tell you […]

Can Ovarian Cysts Cause a False Positive on a Pregnancy Test?

Generally speaking, having an ovarian cyst will not cause you to have a false positive on a home pregnancy test. However, there are some cases in which a certain type of ovarian cyst can interfere with the results of a pregnancy test. There are also some cases in which a pregnancy test may be used […]

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