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Gathering Your Personal Medical History and Medical Records

Before starting treatment with any new doctor, you will meet for a consult, where s/he can review your entire medical history. This is crucial, as the doctor needs to know as much as possible about the health and reproductive background of you and your partner, in order to treat you effectively. Some of the categories […]

Acronyms and Abbreviations

AF Aunt Flo (your period) AH Assisted Hatching AI Artificial Insemination BBT Basal Body Temperature BD Baby Dance (sex) BCP Birth Control Pill BMS Baby Making Sex CD Cycle Day CM Cervical Mucous CP Cervical Position DE Donor Eggs DI Donor Insemination DPO Days Past Ovulation DPT Days Past Transfer Dx Diagnosis E2 Estradiol EPO […]

Creating an Infertility Treatment Timetable

One of the things you might want to do when beginning infertility treatments is to map establish a timeline. Thinking about how far you want to go – how many treatment cycles you’re willing to or can afford to undergo, what feels “right” for you and your partner, and what situations you are comfortable to […]

Common Causes of Anovulation

Anovulation refers to a condition in which a woman does not ovulate. To understand what anovulation is, it is important to understand a bit about how a woman’s cycle works, and what exactly it is that happens during ovulation. During ovulation, a single, mature egg is released from the ovarian follicle. During the course of […]

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