A Guide To Give To Family And Friends Regarding Infertility Struggles

This post was originally put on the web about a decade ago.  The site that published it is long gone, but we have managed to find this copy on the wayback machine.  This article is also designed to help your loved ones to understand what you’re going through emotinally as you struggle to attain your

Secondary Infertility: The Big Surprise

Imagine this scenario: you and your partner have been together for a decade and had three lovely children together in that time. As time goes on, your happy family decides that another bundle of joy would only make your short time on this earth even more precious. So, you and your partner go through the

Helping a Friend through Infertility

There are around 7 million women each year in the United States alone that struggle with trying to get pregnant. Chances are pretty good you know someone that’s struggling with infertility right now, even if they haven’t shared their struggle with you. It’s hard, sometimes, to know what to say. The pain and frustration that

The Emotions of Infertility

  Infertility isn’t just about low sperm counts, blocked fallopian tubes, irregular ovulation and whether or not the man wears briefs or boxers. Infertility is about real people struggling from month to month, riding a violent roller coaster of hope, anticipation and disappointment. About 1 in 10 women of childbearing age struggle with infertility. If

When to Stop Trying to Conceive

 Some rights reserved by Marie Loughin   Couples struggling to conceive typically spend about one year trying before they ever see a fertility specialist. Depending on what’s causing the couple’s infertility, it can be another six months to two years before they see any results – if at all. In the meantime, a couple can lay out

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