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Tracking your Fertility

Tracking your fertility can be a relatively simple process, at least for some women. You don’t usually need to get a doctor involved for the tracking process (although you may obviously wish to consider medical advice if you’re having trouble conceiving). If you know your body and listen to what it tries to tell you […]

Will I Get Fertility Testing After Multiple Miscarriages?

A single miscarriage can be traumatic enough for an expectant couple. The fact of the matter is that somewhere between 15% and 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. In many cases, the cause of a miscarriage remains unknown, and research has yet to establish the cause for the majority of miscarriage. If you have experienced […]

Why Do Some Fertility Treatments Fail?

To begin with, it is important to understand that fertility treatments very often are not successful. More than 40% of couples who undergo fertility treatments will not go on to have a baby. To understand why this is, it is important to know the specific reasons that some fertility treatments fail. The biggest factors in […]

What Should I Expect on My First Fertility Treatment Appointment?

Couples can be reluctant to seek help when trying to conceive. There is always a fear that there is something permanently wrong, something that cannot be fixed, that is keeping them from having a child. There is often the fear of the unknown, as well. Knowing what to expect on your first fertility treatment appointment […]

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