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Helping a Friend through Infertility

There are around 7 million women each year in the United States alone that struggle with trying to get pregnant. Chances are pretty good you know someone that’s struggling with infertility right now, even if they haven’t shared their struggle with you. It’s hard, sometimes, to know what to say. The pain and frustration that […]

When to Stop Trying to Conceive

 Some rights reserved by Marie Loughin   Couples struggling to conceive typically spend about one year trying before they ever see a fertility specialist. Depending on what’s causing the couple’s infertility, it can be another six months to two years before they see any results – if at all. In the meantime, a couple can lay out […]

Acronyms and Abbreviations

AF Aunt Flo (your period) AH Assisted Hatching AI Artificial Insemination BBT Basal Body Temperature BD Baby Dance (sex) BCP Birth Control Pill BMS Baby Making Sex CD Cycle Day CM Cervical Mucous CP Cervical Position DE Donor Eggs DI Donor Insemination DPO Days Past Ovulation DPT Days Past Transfer Dx Diagnosis E2 Estradiol EPO […]

Common Causes of Anovulation

Anovulation refers to a condition in which a woman does not ovulate. To understand what anovulation is, it is important to understand a bit about how a woman’s cycle works, and what exactly it is that happens during ovulation. During ovulation, a single, mature egg is released from the ovarian follicle. During the course of […]

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