Child Care Issues

How to Ease Feelings of Guilt over Putting Your Child in Daycare

All parents would love to stay home with their children until the first day of kindergarten. However, that simply is not realistic and most families have both parents working full time so the only option is daycare or some other form of childcare. The problem is that many parents have a lot of guilt over

How Do We Handle Separation Anxiety at Daycare?

As a parent you may be very interested to know how separation anxiety is handled at your childs daycare. And, if you dont know the answer you definitely need to ask. Most daycares are licensed and accredited and have licensed teachers. This means most daycares handle separation anxiety in the same or similar manner. Then

How Do Daycare Centers Handle Breastfed Infants?

In this day and age more women are breastfeeding their infants and then pumping their milk so their child can continue to drink breast milk even when at daycare. However, lots of moms are curious as to how daycare centers handle breastfed infants and want reassurance that they are being fed the breast milk and

How Can I Make Sure My Child Stays Healthy While in Daycare?

One definite drawback to daycare is that children get sick all the time. With all of those germs they get passed around and as soon as one cold has made the circuit a new one seems to start. A very popular question among parents is how can they keep their children healthy even when they

Why Does My Toddler Vomit When He Gets Told Off?

Toddlers can be frustrating creatures. One minute, they seem like little angels sent down from heaven intended just to bless you and your home. The next minute, they might seem like they came from somewhere altogether different. When a toddler is pushing your buttons or just misbehaving, it is not uncommon for a parent to

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