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Choosing a Teen Babysitter

Most parents need a break from time to time. Unless you’re supermom or superdad, chances are pretty good that you could benefit from a night out. In some cases, you may need a babysitter for other commitments, such as those that come with work or with being part of a community organization. Teenage babysitters can […]

Will Attending Daycare Affect My Child in the Future?

Lots of parents wonder if attending daycare will affect their child in the future. The answer is yes because all experiences affect a childs future in one way or the other. There are actually a lot of benefits your child will experience by attending daycare that you may not have thought of. Socialization When your […]

What Should We Look for When Touring an In-Home Daycare?

When touring an in home daycare there are a lot of things you should look for. You want to make sure you ask plenty of questions and make the best decision for childcare so pay attention. The following tips are just a few things that you should be looking for when you tour an in […]

What Should I Expect of a Daycare Schedule?

All daycares are different so the typical day at one daycare may be wildly different from the typical daycare at another daycare. However, in many instances the typical daycare schedule is not so different from daycare to daycare. If you want to know a specific schedule from a specific daycare then you need to ask […]

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