When to Call the Doctor Postpartum

After your baby is born, there are many different health concerns that can crop up – not just for your baby, but for you as well. Knowing what kinds of signs and symptoms to watch for in terms of your postpartum health is key to staying healthy and staying on top of things during those

Postpartum Mental Illness

While things are changing somewhat, the fact of the matter is that there is still quite a bit of stigma about postpartum mental illness. It doesn’t help that, so often, the media get it wrong. A disaster will strike and a woman will commit awful acts, and the media will attribute it to “postpartum depression.”

Taking Care of Your Emotions after a C-Section

One of the more frustrating things for a woman who is hoping to have a positive natural birthing experience is the need for a C-section. In some cases, however, a Cesarean is just going to be in the best interests of both you and your baby. Figuring out how to cope with the procedure after

At Home after a C-Section

Recovery from a C-Section is, as a matter of course, much more complex and a much lengthier process than recovery after having a vaginal birth. Even if there are complications with a vaginal birth, it rarely meets the level that abdominal surgery does. Knowing what to expect after your C-section can help you be ready

How to Handle Postpartum Hemorrhoids

Once your baby has finally arrived, you’ll have plenty to concern yourself with when it comes to your own health. The last thing that you want to have to deal with is hemorrhoids. Many women discover that the hemorrhoids they suffered from will disappear shortly after the arrival of their bundle of joy. For other

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