Why Would Labor Be Induced?

  Generally speaking, a baby will be born when he or she is just good and ready to be born. While we speak about pregnancy being exactly 40 weeks, and while we talk about a “due date”, the fact remains that babies can be born within a week or two either direction of a due

Early Pregnancy Bleeding

Pregnancy can be a time of great joy, excitement and anticipation, but it can also be a time of many fears and worries. One of the things that can cause an excessive amount of stress and worry for a woman who’s pregnant is bleeding. While bleeding in pregnancy isn’t always a sign that there’s a

Picking a Labor Coach

The majority of women choose their baby’s father to be their labor coach. However, there are a number of situations where that isn’t practical (or desirable). If he’s no longer part of the picture, or is unwilling to be your labor coach, you’ll still want someone to be there to support and help you through

Making it Through the Third Trimester

Most women are more than ready to have their pregnancy over by the time the third trimester starts. Three more months, and baby will be here. For many, the third trimester symptoms are the most challenging. Hang in there, baby will be in your arms soon enough. Here are some of the main third trimester

The Right Prenatal Vitamin Approach

The Low-Down on Prenatal Vitamins Just about every pregnant woman is told by her health care provider that she needs to take a prenatal vitamin. Certain specific nutrients, including folic acid, iron and calcium are essential to your baby’s growth, and so it’s no surprise that so many health care providers recommend supplements. Still, there

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