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When will the Doctor Induce Labor?

  Generally speaking, a baby will be born when he or she is just good and ready to be born. While we speak about pregnancy being exactly 40 weeks, and while we talk about a “due date”, the fact remains that babies can be born within a week or two either direction of a due […]

When Do Braxton-Hicks Contractions Start?

Technically speaking, you may begin to have Braxton-hicks contractions starting well before the second trimester.  Braxton-Hicks contractions can start as early as somewhere around your sixth week of pregnancy.  Having said that, these early Braxton-Hicks contractions are generally so mild that you aren’t even going to be able to notice them.  Typically, it is sometime […]

Knowing when Labor Has Begun

It’s not entirely uncommon for a woman to feel like she may be in labor long before she actually is. Many new moms will make at least one trip to the hospital, thinking that today is the day, only to find that they’re sent back home. Knowing when labor has begun means not only watching […]

Labor’s Four Stages

Part of getting through labor is understanding exactly what to expect. Labor is divided into four specific stages. These stages aren’t hard and fast, and many women may not realize when they’re transitioning from one stage to another. And, because every woman and every pregnancy is different, you may not spend very much time in […]

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