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Accidents During Labor

It’s not exactly a comfortable thing to think about, going into labor. You know that you’re going to be exposed, for all of the world to see. Your body is going to be put on display, as it were, during the whole process, and that’s just unnerving. You can mitigate some of these concerns with […]

Home Births Increasing

  Since the beginning of the human race, childbirth has been the most natural activity we engage in. For the bulk of the history of humanity, childbirth has taken place at home. The concept of going to a birthing center, hospital, or other medical facility to have a baby would seem strange to most of […]

Why Might You Need a C-Section?

  For the past 30 years, cesarean section rates have been on the rise. According to the CDC, the national average was just under 30 percent in 2005. That translates to more than one out of every four births taking place via C-section. This is disturbing, to say the least. The WHO recommends that the […]

Why Would Labor Be Induced?

  Generally speaking, a baby will be born when he or she is just good and ready to be born. While we speak about pregnancy being exactly 40 weeks, and while we talk about a “due date”, the fact remains that babies can be born within a week or two either direction of a due […]

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