An Overview of Pain Medication for Labor

  Most moms, especially first-time moms, are a least a little bit intimidated by the prospect of labor. Specifically, they’re concerned about the pain. This is reasonable; childbirth can indeed be excruciatingly painful. Yet, pain medication isn’t always the best choice. Sure, the majority of women in the United States choose pain medication for labor,

Complications during Childbirth

  Every couple hopes and prays that their childbirth experience will be normal, happy and relatively uneventful. Complications during childbirth can present real dangers for both the mother and the baby. Whether you have a high risk pregnancy or not, it can be worth understanding some of the possible complications that can come during childbirth.

How Perineal Massage Can Help Avoid Episiotomy

While a woman’s anatomy is specifically designed to be able to give birth, the fact of the matter is that childbirth can be a relatively traumatic experience for the body. The sheer logistics of fitting a baby through the birth canal means that labor is going to be downright painful. In addition, there is the

Our Water Birth Decision

My husband, Steve, and I had discussed the many different aspects regarding a home birth and wanted to further investigate the possibility of a water birth. Neither one of us really had any clue as to the pros and cons regarding such a choice. We decided to send away for more information and then decided

Massage During Labor

Massage, in the broadest sense, includes a variety of techniques that are used to help with relaxation, stretching, and loosening of muscles. Massage relies on pressure and movement to accomplish these goals. Massage is especially useful when it comes to something that is physically demanding on the body’s muscles, such as labor. The fact of

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