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Facing the Fears of Future Fatherhoood

For some reason, many women have a much easier time adjusting to the idea of becoming a parent than men. While on that gruff exterior a man may not show it, there are a number of fatherhood fears that well beneath the surface. These fears are normal and natural. The good news is that, by […]

What Are Some Gifts My Older Child Can Give To His New Sibling?

When a new sibling arrives in the family, it should be a time of celebration for everyone. In the same way that older children give and receive gifts on their birthdays, it can be an exciting and fun experience for an older child to give gifts to his new sibling. While the baby isn’t old […]

Introducing A Step Child To A New Sibling

Having a successful blended family begins long before the parents are married. In fact, knowing whether or not children will be able to get along is an important part of the decision of parents to continue in a relationship. How you go about introducing a potential step child to a new sibling can greatly impact […]

Is Sibling Rivalry Always Negative?

Sibling rivalry, to one degree or another, cannot be avoided. The fact of the matter is that, as long as there have been siblings, there has been sibling rivalry. Even the Bible includes rivalry between the first two brothers ever, Cain and Abel. While very few cases of sibling rivalry lead to the disastrous consequences […]

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