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Should We Adopt an Older Child?

When a person thinks about adopting a child, they usually think about adopting a new born baby. While it is true that many people who are going to adopt a child do indeed adopt babies, many people have also adopted an older child. Adopting an older child has certain pros and certain cons that you […]

Can a Birth Parent Stop an Adoption From Happening?

  In some cases, a birth parent can indeed stop an adoption from happening. Whether or not it is possible for a birth parent to stop an adoption from happening depends on a great many factors, including whether the parental rights have been revoked by a court, whether the adoption has been finalized, whether the […]

What Country Has The Most Children Up For Adoption?

When you think about adoption in terms of the entire world, the fact of the matter is that you have to think about it in terms of what country has the most children up for adoption. If one of the reasons that you are considering adoption is because you think you can make a difference […]

Throwing a Welcome Party For Adopted Child

In the same way that a new baby is welcomed into the world with a baby shower, there is no reason at all that an adopted child should not be welcomed into her adopted family by throwing a welcoming party! A welcoming party for an adopted child is a wonderful and exciting way to celebrate […]

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