What Is Intercountry Adoption?

Many couples who have struggled to have children unsuccessfully have turned to adoption. Yet, the adoption process in the United States isn’t for everyone. For many parents who are hoping for an infant, the waiting lists can be terribly long. On top of that, many adopting parents simply want to make a difference in the life of

4 Tips to Make Your Family Time Special

Modern life is busy. It’s tremendously busy. If you’re not careful, that “work-life balance” you hear so much about is almost guaranteed to tip in favor of work. And, while you need to keep food on the table, life is about a lot more than your job. Today’s kids are just as busy as adults.

What to Do When Your Toddler is Accidentally Rude

Toddlers are still learning what’s socially acceptable. Sometimes, they’re going to be rude to other people. Most often, it’s accidental, but sometimes it’s intentional, too. Today, let’s focus on accidental rude behavior and how you can deal with it. Here’s a good example. A young girl, aged 3, was sitting at the dinner table with

How Gadgets and Gizmos Can Affect Your Child’s Eyes

In this increasingly electronic world, it is becoming more and more inevitable that children will be using computers and electronic devices daily. And this is not necessarily a bad thing. There is only limited research into the effects of computers on children, but one study showed that using computers can actually increase a young child’s

How to Encourage Your Older Child to Welcome The New Baby

by Ann Douglas Wondering what you can do to get your child’s relationship with his or her new sister or brother off the best possible start? Here are a few tips from Ann Douglas, author of Baby Science.   Tap into your child’s natural curiosity about babies. What child wouldn’t be awestruck to learn that a

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