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When Renting Makes More Sense On the Budget than Buying

Many budget conscious people cringe at the thought of renting when buying is an option. After all, when you buy something, you own it. It’s yours forever (or at least until you sell it). When you rent something, you have to give it back and the money you spent for the privilege of using it […]

Ways to Save Money While Grocery Shopping for a Family of Five

Grocery shopping for your brood can be challenging. Whether you’re a family of five on a budget or whether it’s just you, it’s important that you don’t pay too much for the groceries that you buy. The bigger your brood, though, the greater the challenge. Yet, grocery shopping on a budget isn’t always an easy […]

Coupons: To Clip or not to Clip

When you’re trying to save money on your family budget, clipping coupons seems like a no-brainer. You trade a little bit of time to scan through the newspaper and clip coupons and in return you save money on many of the things you need and use. So, how could anyone suggest couponing might not be […]

Just Say No to Plastic

Most budget conscious people know better than to make extensive use of high interest credit cards. Credit card debt can pile up at an alarming rate, leaving you trapped paying usurious interest while the outstanding balance stays the same month after month, year after year until you roll the whole balance over onto a new […]

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