Tips and Advice for Surviving the Holidays

While the holidays are definitely an exciting and joyous time for many people, they can also be very hectic. Rushing around from one party to the next, trying to shop for gifts, bake goodies, and take care of the children while they are home from school can be difficult for even the best multi-tasker. Fortunately

The Best Locations for Vacationing at Christmas

Christmas can be an excellent time to take a family vacation. In addition to getting away from the regular hustle and bustle of the holiday, vacationing at Christmas can provide you and your family with a tremendously enjoyable experience. There are several locations that are good choices for vacationing at Christmas. Why not take a

Starting Christmas Traditions in Your Family

When new families are just starting out, Christmas can be an especially memorable and special time of the year. Almost every incidental activity that the family engages in has the potential to become a Christmas tradition in your family. From such simple things as making cookies to complex gif-opening rituals, each family has their own

Making Personal Christmas Gifts

There are many reasons that you might want to make some personal Christmas gifts this holiday season. It could be that you have someone who is very difficult to buy for. It might be that you want to communicate a very special feeling to someone. Or, it may even be that you are hoping to

Making Christmas Traditions That Last a Lifetime

As they get older and start to have families of their own, many people look back with fondness on the Christmas traditions that their family followed. From simple things, such as opening just a single gift on Christmas Eve as a teaser for the big day, to making homemade cookies, to shopping on the day

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