Menopause Treatment

Menopause is something that happens whether you want it to or not. While many women take plenty good care of their health before they hit menopause, many of those same women tend to start to ignore their gynecological health in the years that follow. A wellness plan that’s right for you will include a number

Dealing with Anxiety During Menopause

Menopause and anxiety frequently occur together. It’s not uncommon for menopausal women to experience rushes of energy, exhaustion, panic attacks, body vibrations, burning chest, and other sensations both mental and physical. When women begin to enter menopause it is much more likely that they will experience anxiety and even depression. Many women find that their

Depression and Menopause

Biological factors cause depression, most specifically the hormones in the brain. Your mood is regulated by serotonin and when the levels of this hormone drop then mood can fluctuate and severe depression may be experienced. When a person experiences depression symptoms may included feeling hopeless and sad for prolonged periods of time. There are a

Using Birth Control During Menopause

Many women believe that when they are going through menopause they are unable to become pregnant. However, that is not the case and while your body may be changing and your periods may be irregular there is still a chance of pregnancy. Some women have become pregnant at 50 simply because they were going through

Tips for Dealing with Hot Flashes

Your entire body may be affected by the “change of life” aka menopause so you might as well know how to deal with them. One of the most common symptoms women experience is hot flashes and they can really be uncomfortable, wake you from sleep, and be quite embarrassing. If you suffer from hot flashes

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