How Long For Milk to Dry Up After Weaning Toddler?

Weaning is a process that a mother either dreads or really looks forward to, and for some mother’s the two emotions overlap. The process can be difficult because breastfeeding becomes habit for both mother and baby and it also becomes second nature for the body to keep producing milk. Therefore, even if you have planned

How Can Probiotics Help My Baby While Breastfeeding?

Probiotics are some of the newest and most exciting types of supplements available. Actually made up of live bacteria, probiotics can help your baby while breastfeeding in a variety of ways. Using probiotics while breastfeeding can help to boost your baby’s immune system, aid in the functioning of his digestive system, and even prevent or

What Are The Differences Between Formula And Breast Milk?

When planning for a baby the question of the bottle or breast will eventually arise. What are the differences between formula and breast milk, and is one more beneficial for my baby? Most formulas on the market today are manufactured from cow’s milk. Milk from the mother and milk from a cow both contain two

Treatments for Mastitis

Mastitis refers to a condition in which the breast is swollen, inflamed, red, tender, and painful. Mastitis can be caused by an infections, and can lead to more serious problems if left untreated. Mastitis can be especially troubling for women who are breastfeeding. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to treat mastitis. These

Breastfeeding My Baby, Where Do I Start?

Congratulations you have a new baby! Having a new baby is hard enough but when you choose to breastfeed you sometimes feel that you made this experience even harder. Breastfeeding is not as difficult as it looks or as you may have heard from others. It is actually pretty easy and a very fulfilling way

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