3 Most Common Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural, healthy things that a mother can do for her baby. Still, while it is absolutely natural, that doesn’t mean it is always easy or without challenges. Fortunately, most of the challenges that breastfeeding mothers face need not stop you from breastfeeding. Often, relatively simple changes can help overcome

How to Treat Sore Nipples when Breastfeeding

One of the most common complaints that women have about breastfeeding is sore nipples. There are a number of different factors that can cause sore nipples when breastfeeding. For example, the way that a woman’s hormone levels change both during pregnancy and after her baby is born can greatly increase the sensitivity of her nipples.

Are There Benefits to Bottle Feeding?

There are many benefits to breast feeding. No one would seriously deny that. However, some mothers are not able to breast feed, or choose not to for any number of legitimate reasons. All too often, they are made to feel as if they have somehow cheated themselves and their baby, and this simply isn’t true.

How to Avoid Breast Engorgement

One of the unfortunate facts of being a new mom is that you’re going to experience some breast engorgement in the days or weeks after your baby is born. Even if you choose not to nurse, the milk in your body is going to build up, preparing for your baby, and this can lead to

Why Breastfeeding is an Economical Decision

Breastfeeding is increasing in popularity in the United States, however many mothers choose to stop breastfeeding their children when they are only a few months old. A few moms actually make it to the recommended year mark while even fewer still are moms who breastfeed through toddler hood. Regardless, breastfeeding shouldn’t be looked at as

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