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How Many Time Outs Should a Toddler Get in a Day?

Children have been put in time out for as long as children and parents can remember. Experts and parents usually agree that time out can be a great tool for correcting unwanted behavior in children of all ages. In smaller toddlers it can be a chance for the parent and the child to both cool […]

How Long Can Whole Milk Sit Out in a Toddler Cup?

When you make the transition from bottle or breast to a toddler cup you feel like you have just accomplished something truly great. It’s freeing in a lot of ways and suddenly you feel like you have a kid instead of a baby. You may feel delighted that your child has adapted to the cup […]

How to Know if My Toddler is Gifted

We all want to think that we have the most intelligent children in the world. But, how do we know if our children really are gifted or if we are just biased because they are our children? Of course, many parents would tell you that their children are very smart for their age, but those […]

How do I know if My Child Has Autism?

Autism is something that many people worry about as it has become much better known than it used to be. There are many developmental norms and many parents wonder if their children fall inside of these norms or if they are autistic. This is a normal thing to worry about, but remember, as a parent […]

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