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How To Handle Temper Tantrums When Potty-Training

Temper tampers are just part of toddlerhood. In fact, most toddlers have temper tantrums on a semi regular basis. This behavior is certainly undesirable and needs to be corrected, but how do you do so? Also, how do you not only handle temper tantrums but potty training at the same time? This can be a […]

Why Is My Child Totally Resisting Potty-Training?

For many parents the potty training process is supposed to start the summer of your childs second year. This is a belief that many parents hold although it is certainly not the best method of beginning potty training. This belief, too, is probably the reason why so many parents have horror stories about potty training. […]

Is Potty Training Easier With Disposable Or Cloth Diapered Toddlers?

Parents who are potty training want to know all the tricks of the trade so to speak before beginning. That is because parents want potty training to be a good experience for their child as well as for themselves. So, parents are on the quest to find all the possible information about what works best […]

Potty-Training Siblings Of Similar Age

Some parents have children really close together in age and this results in having to potty train two children at once! There are some difficulties in potty training siblings of similar age, but it is about like potty training twins. The following tips and suggestions might help you if you are in the double potty […]

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