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Is It Possible To Fully Potty-Train Our Child In 1 Week?

Lots of first time parents approach potty training as a skill that can be taught fairly quickly. In fact, many parents want to know if potty training can be accomplished in one week. The general response to this question is no, although there may be some toddlers out there who are physically and psychologically ready […]

Should My 4 Year Old Be Potty-Trained By Now?

Potty training is not an easy task and more parents are realizing that potty training is most successful when initiated by the child. So, more parents are waiting for the child to become interested. The years pass and before you know it you have a four year old who is not potty trained. With many […]

Solutions To Your Potty-Training Problems

Potty training is an event in a toddlers life that can really be challenging, not to mention the lives of his parents! Many times potty training is looked upon with dread and children can pick up on this. Also, there are many problems that can arise during potty training that have easy solutions. Dont despair, […]

Teaching Hygiene When Potty-Training

Potty training all by itself is a pretty big job yet many parents realize that hygiene must be taught simultaneously with potty training. This just adds more to the list of things to learn for your toddler and can make the process seem a little more difficult. However, teaching hygiene when potty training is really […]

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