Baby and Toddler

Decorating Your Baby’s Room on a Budget

by Ann Douglas Don’t have a lot of money to spend on decorating your baby’s room? Relax. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Every parent has visions of the perfect baby’s room, but is it really necessary to spend $2000 decorating and equipping a nursery for a tiny newborn infant who won’t even care?

Colic in Babies, Every Parents Nightmare

By Miranda Castro FSHom The constant crying of a colicky baby is heart-rending. It comes at a particularly bad time, when expectations for enjoying a newborn are cruelly dashed. It can make a new parent feel distressed and ineffective if nothing seems to help. It is also exhausting for those parents who find themselves walking

Food Portion Recommendations For Children

Meat Groups ~ 2 servings per day Meat/hamburger ~ 2 to 3 ounces cooked Chicken Nuggets ~ 3 to 4 pieces * Peanut butter ~ 2 tablespoons * Eggs ~ 1 serving * Beans ~ 1/2 cup ** Milk Group ~ 2 servings per day   1 cup of milk American cheese ~ 2 slices Yogurt ~ 1 cup

Dealing With a Picky Eater

Be watchful of your baby’s diet. Certain nutrients are very important to monitor at this age. They needs iron, calcium, B vitamins and protein, but her picky appetite sometimes makes it difficult to make sure she gets all she needs every day. Foods that are high in important nutrients are listed below. Your baby doesn’t need to

High Risk and Low Risk Allergy Foods

This is why it is SO important to introduce ONE food at a time, and monitor reactions. High Risk Allergy Foods beans and other legumes berries buckwheat cabbage chocolate cinnamon citrus fruits coconut corn cow’s milk cheese dairy products egg whites mango melons milk products mustard nuts onions papaya peanuts peas pork rye semolina shellfish

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